Revolutionize the Way You Personalize

The Macbook has a new face.

Iconic Disc gives your Mac a personality. It is a thin, magnetic frame that fits seamlessly over the glowing backlight of your Apple.  The frame is designed to hold an image printed on photo paper or a transparent film, just like a photo in a picture frame. When set in place, the image is then illuminated by the captivating glow of the Apple logo. 2Now you can put a personal spin on your MacBook without disrupting it's clean design. Should you ever grow tired of one image, you can quickly swap it out for a picture of your crazy pet, a shot from your last vacation, or a graphic of your company logo...the options are endless.

Materials, matter.

Iconic disc is made of premium materials because it will live on a premium product.  We chose a scratch resistant acrylic lens that secures your image layer into a machined aircraft grade, aluminum ring.  The aluminum is glass bead blasted, and anodized, to match your Macbook.  The ring houses small neodymium magnets which are attracted to the nickel-coated, steel landing pads. The magnets are strong enough to keep the ring securely in place, while making it simple to remove and interchange your image.


An accessory should simply be an accessory.

Should you ever be in the mood to let your backlight breathe a little, the whole Disc can be lifted away cleanly, leaving no unsightly marks or ugly residues. You can keep the landing pads on to compliment your laptop’s logo or choose to easily remove them and get back to square one.

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Your Macbook's new best friend

With the Iconic Disc in place, your MacBook’s backlight will illuminate your image with a captivating glow.